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Re: Odd Perl Issue

From: Jonathan Freedman <>
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2007 21:00:57 -0300

> What version of libcurl and the perl interface are you using? What kinds
> of URLs are you using, i.e. SSL or not
 From debian I have libcurl3 (7.16.4-2), libwww-curl-perl (3.02-2+b3).
These are "plain" non-SSL URL's.
> I recall a bug in libcurl not too long ago that involved OpenSSL trying to
> use the incorrect socket handle. I don't remember the details, but it
> might be related to what you're seeing. Try using the latest released
> libcurl if you aren't already.
I did see the OpenSSL bug, looked similar but wasn't blocking on stdio I
think? I have no idea what the right version of curl to use is - i will
check that out.


Jonathan Freedman
VP Operations
Pleiades Consulting
Received on 2007-09-06