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Odd Perl Issue

From: Jonathan Freedman <>
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2007 19:56:04 -0300

Hello Everyone,

Seeing some interesting behavior with libcurl on Perl on a unix
environment. Have developed several apps that use GET with curl/perl,
and just started porting our system to a new environment where POST is
the rule. Our application has a RESTful interface, and the nature of the
application is that I am constantly hammering it with requests.
Occasionally, and only on certain URL's, curl will hang as it connects.
Strace tells me that it is waiting for a read() on fd0 (STDIO), wheras
the curl file handle is fd4. If I switch back to the console where the
application is running, it will hang until I send EOF (ctrl-d) to the
app. Then it continues along it's merry way.

This is blocking issue for me, and I would like to get it resolved. If
nobody can think of anything for me to think off the top of their heads
I will try to distill this down into a smaller test case and post the
code to the list. The only other 3rd party thing involved in this perl
module is XPath.


Jonathan Freedman
VP Operations
Pleiades Consulting
Received on 2007-09-06