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RE: SFTP - How to delete a file

From: Mathew Simon <>
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 12:30:49 -0500

Hi Guen,

I had decided not to respond to this thread anymore. But you are a
person who was kind towards me and hence I am responding to you. I am
sorry if I hurt your feelings. I responded to one person's arrogance and
it do not mean that all developers fall into that category. You helped
me to realize that the later versions of curl do not do SFTP on mingw32.
You never treated me with arrogance, and instead you were empathetic and
kind to a new person. I believe I responded to you appropriately in the
past and will do it in the future too. I am glad that people like you
make a difference in this world.

I too contribute to a few open source projects, and I never came across
a similar treatment given to anyone in any of those forums. I don't
think that my response of reminding that person about the way he treated
me, can be construed as inappropriate behavior from my side. It is like
shooting the messenger. I just suggested that a little less arrogance
won't hurt and it might make the world a better place to live. Anyway, I
don't like going into it again and let us leave it behind and need to
move on.

I understand your situation for Win32. I definitely am willing to help
you by way of testing etc.. I had even suggested a way to add win-32
support for some of the libssh2 sample programs.

Now coming to your mentioning about curl command line. I had only dealt
with libcurl so far, and never even had compiled the curl command line
until two days ago. I didn't had a need for the command line version. As
you know, it is a frustrating experience to compile software written for
POSIX platforms, on the mingw32 platform (without MSYS). Hence I avoided
doing it until two days ago. Previously when Daniel asked me to test one
libssh2 sample program, to make sure that the libssh2 work on mingw32, I
tested it and sent the results that it is working as expected. The
problem might be in the interface between libcurl and libssh2. I had
also mentioned in it that I couldn't test the command line curl since I
haven't compiled it. But now I have managed to compile the command line
curl too.

Mathew Simon

Hi Mathew,

that are some harsh words here which are inappropiate against the
support Dan and we all do here for you!
Instead I have the fealing that you are taking your frustration about
not fullfilling your deadline on to us here, and that's not right. Its
not our all fault here that libcurl and libssh2 lack of good Win32
coders who are willing to contribute to the project. We do our best here
to make things working on all platforms, but you cant expect that we all
jump now onto the Win32 train just to fit for your deadline.
Sure, I did some testing months ago, I introduced MingW32 support in
libssh2 -- but Win32 is not my mainly used platform at all! I just
wanted to compare with Win32 and Linux when I had some probs on NetWare,
and so I just added some support in the makefiles to build with libssh2.

Moreover libssh2 support is relatively new to libcurl, and since we
introduced it there was not _one_ Win32 developer who did closely follow
up with libcurl's integration.
Since we are all not paid as 'most open source developers' we are not
forced to look into Win32 platform, instead everyone does whatever he
wants to look at.
Its anyway difficult enough to think for so many platforms we want to
support when we do a commit to introduce something new, fix, etc.; and
nobody of us can test each platform; instead everyone tests on his
favorite platform, and we report here what goes wrong for the one or
other platform.
If you want to get further support from us here you should consider to
be some more kindly;
and if you would start on being more precise with what doesnt work, and
test the things we ask you for, there's no reason why we shouldnt trust
your words (as you mentioned in other mail).
F.e. I also asked you to test with curl commandline (my reply from 21.08
'RE: Why curleasy do nothing for SFTP').

Received on 2007-08-31