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NTLM Proxy Authentication and SSL

From: Paul Mecklar <>
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 18:50:06 -0500

Hello all. I am new to using libcurl, and I have run across an issue that I am not sure how to resolve.

I cannot get proxy authentication working when authenticating via NTLM and using an SSL URL. Libcurl is returning a 407 error from the proxy server.
SSL and proxy authentication work fine via Digest and Basic authentication, and the NTLM authentication works fine when not using SSL. When using IE to go to the same URL with the same proxy settings everything works fine, so I am reasonably certain it is not a configuration issue with the proxy server.

According to Ethereal libcurl gets to the point where it sends the NTLMSSP_AUTH request, and the proxy is returning HTTP 200, but according to libcurl the request failed with a 407.

Any suggestions as to what I could try?


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Received on 2007-08-28