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Undefined Symbols while using libcurl.a under Mingw32

From: Mathew Simon <>
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 15:26:59 -0500


I have been building an application on Windows using Mingw32. My
application use only static builds, especially while linking with it's
core library "wxWidgets". I am not very familiar with libcurl and had
started using the precompiled dll version of libcurl with my
application. I got it working with the application using the dll

Since then, I have compiled libcurl on windows using Mingw32 and I am
trying to statically link the "libcurl.a" (with debug info not
stripped). The static build will help me to debug into the libcurl code
to trace some SFTP problem I am facing.

When I use the libcurl static library "libcurl.a", I keep getting
"undefined symbols" errors. For example, two undefined symbols are
quoted below:


I searched inside "libcurl.a" and there is no such symbols in it. But
these symbols are available inside "libcurldll.a", and if I include this
dll library I will be fine, but I won't be able to use my debugger on
the libcurl code.

What setting is causing Mingw32 to create these dll symbols/references,
instead of the static references? sysmbols"? Is it any parameters of the
libcurl build? Or is it some parameters I use in the build of my
application? Any idea, please?

Mathew Simon
Received on 2007-08-20