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RE: Undefined Reference Error while building LIBCURL

From: Mathew Simon <>
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 14:00:42 -0500

Hi Andy,

If the compilation went fine, then where is the dll file "libcurl.dll"
or "libcurl-4.dll"? It created the file "libcurldll.a" but haven't
created the dll file "libcurl.dll". I don't know whether I should
rephrase my question. I was expecting a dll file like the one
"libcurl-4.dll" distributed as part of the binary package. How can I get
the "dll" file? I used the flags SSL=1 SSH2=1 and DYN=1 for the make

Mathew Simon

It looks like the compilation went fine. Your linker is complaining
that it cannot find the symbols that are being imported from libssh2
and zlib.


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Received on Sat Aug 18 20:08:53 2007

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From: Mathew Simon []
Sent: Saturday, August 18, 2007 12:18 PM
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Subject: Undefined Reference Error while building LIBCURL


I am trying to build LIBCURL with SSH2 for using it's SFTP feature.
After long struggles, I managed to compile LIBZ, OPENSSL, and LIBSSH2
using Mingw32 on the Win-XP platform. But the Make of LIBCURL fails with
"undefined reference" errors. I tried two versions of LIBSSH2 0.17 and
the 0.18 daily snap shot of August 18, 2007. Both versions give the same
errors. The CURL source I used are from CURL-7.16.4. How can I proceed
with the compilation? Thanks in advance.

Creating library file: libcurldll.a
ssh.o: In function `Curl_scp_send':
C:/CodeBlocks/curl-7.16.4/lib/ssh.c:1283: undefined reference to
ssh.o: In function `Curl_scp_recv':
C:/CodeBlocks/curl-7.16.4/lib/ssh.c:1318: undefined reference to
ssh.o: In function `Curl_sftp_send':
C:/CodeBlocks/curl-7.16.4/lib/ssh.c:1833: undefined reference to
ssh.o: In function `Curl_sftp_recv':
C:/CodeBlocks/curl-7.16.4/lib/ssh.c:1862: undefined reference to
undefined reference to `inflateInit_'
undefined reference to `deflateInit_'
undefined reference to `deflate'
undefined reference to `inflate'
undefined reference to `deflate'
undefined reference to `inflate'
undefined reference to `inflateEnd'
undefined reference to `deflateEnd'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
mingw32-make: *** [libcurl.dll] Error 1
Received on 2007-08-18