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From: Guenter Knauf <>
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 03:08:39 +0200

Hi Partick,
darn! This post (and the other important from you) went into SPAM folder - so sorry I didnt reply earlier!
> I tried your patch on FC6: does not compile, because ldap_ssl.h not
> found. I have looked for a package in the distribution that would have
> installed it, without success. Abandoned
oh! Ok, then I will see how I can overcome this.

> I also tried on cygwin: it compiles but always says "server is down". I
> think its because you do not consider "hybrids" in you conditional
> tests.
nope -- same on Win32; as I wrote in other mail: ldaps seems a pain with winldap (CA in keystore,m no self-signed allowed, etc)...

> Anyway, when I read you want to do this, I thought you were speaking
> about writing the LDAP module without LDAP library, not only LDAPS...
> Reciprocal misunderstanding !
yup; since I used ldaps before with the Novell CLDAP SDK which claims to be OpenLDAP-compatrible I didnt see the probs at first glance....

> How do you specify the certificates ? Would it be possible to use the
currently I did it without verifying the CA (same as -k option) - that was my next thing on the list.
> regular SSL settings and generalize the CURLOPT_FTP_SSL to LDAP protocol
yes, something like that I thought too; but had not the time to dig into it;
if you know how I can get the CA path + the --insecure | -k switch into ldap.c please tell me!
Therefore I asked for a hint if these appear already in the one or other struct so that I can use them...

Received on 2007-08-18