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Windows library is intermittent?

From: Cary Fitzhugh <>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 00:30:05 -0400

Hey libcurlers -


I've now built about 3 different versions of libcurl today, 7.16.3,
7.16.4, 7.17-20070814 as static libraries on win32 w/ MSVC2005.

I can produce the curllib.lib, and link it in w/ my program just fine.
The resulting library seems to PUT w/ http well, no issues there.


The issue is that for putting files through ftp, sometimes the program
works fine. Sometimes it doesn't.

It will just run until the '< 150 File status okay; about to open data

Sometimes it just hangs there indefinitely. (I haven't left it for a
long time, but at least 10 minutes or so. These files are about 1 mb -
so it should have transferred by then).


I have linked my exe to each of the various curllibs. Sometimes I will
clean build curl, link it, and it transfers everything. Sometimes it
only transfers when there are small files (< 1k),

And many times it just didn't finish any transfers at all.

I produced a binary which worked one time, then passed it to a coworker,
and on his machine it didn't run.

Then trying again on my machine, it failed to run. And now, I see
that it decided to run again. And after 5 more runs, it has now hung

I don't know if it really fails, it just sits there, waiting for
something to happen I think. I don't know if the different curllibs
make any difference. I would think, by version 7.16, the ftp code is
pretty stable, so it may just be a red herring I'm looking at.


Our code isn't a problem I don't think, since we have the same copy of
the code running on a linux box, and that has transferred things w/o a
glitch. And the code hangs in the same place in curl every time.


I don't know if anyone has any experience with something like this.
We're running against an apache server.


I'm hoping someone has an idea or a clue as to why it's just sitting
there w/o transferring anything. Some blocking code race condition? I'm
not sure...


Thanks for any help!


Cary FitzHugh
Received on 2007-08-16