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How to get downloading progress using multi interface. Part2

From: Alexander Zubko <>
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 14:20:56 +0300

Excuse me for "Part2" and not keeping on my thread. But I try to do this,
wrote reply two days ago, got acknowledge that my letter was delivered, but
I can't see it in archive. So I'm writing again as it were new thread.

Thanks for all replies.

I understand that, due to non-blocking nature of multi-interface, I can
get status information in my own thread and do not use progress callback for
this purpose.

But the main problem is that I don't know where I should look for this
I do not use writting callback and supply opened file descriptor to
curl_easy_setopt.3 with CURLOPT_WRITEDATA param.

Can I get number of written bytes from this opened file descriptor?
Or I should provide my own writting callback to count number of bytes?
Or, maybe, there is some other method?

Point me out, please

Thanks in advance...
Received on 2007-08-10