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RE: Question about curl_off_t

From: Patrick Monnerat <>
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2007 18:11:17 +0200

>I did some work on a system like that a while ago, and I'm sure we can
take it up again from where I left it:

OK, so you are aware of it ...

I looked at your patch: it seems it's a good starting point. Personally,
I'm in favor of the global config.h solution, excluding subdir's
config.h. I also think that starting from the "./configure"-produced
header file (were possible) is a good deal.

>I believe the basic question that remain to be solved is how we make
the curl/config.h file nicely for non- configure systems.

I think we should start from the hand-written "config-*.h" files... But
I still do not know how. As you said last december, I have to think of
it !

Thanks for your reply
Received on 2007-08-06