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Re: A tutorial on how to compile libcurl on Windows with MinGW.

From: Peteris Krumins [Newsgroups] <>
Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2007 17:21:20 +0300

Guenter Knauf wrote:
> Hi Peteris,
>> -opensource-tools-part-two/
>> If this URL is too long to click and is split in multiple lines, here is
>> a tinyurl:
>> What do you think about the article?
> hehehe, a couple of valid points.....
> and specially I like your note:
> Now what? Let's be real developers and compile the library ourselves then.
> ok, I will try to address soon the things you mention;
> since you're a 'real developer' may I ask you to start working with CVS so that you can quickly verify what I will change?
> thanks, Guen.

Well, I use SVN for my development practices but have no problems with
using CVS as well.

I already promised Daniel to fix that part of documentation myself, but
if you are willing to help, I will be glad :)

At the moment I have not set up a public SVN or CVS repository at domain and I don't think I will have one in the next couple
of weeks.

Can we communicate over email with questions you have?

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