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RE: cURL fails to POST to NTLM protected IIS6 server using ANY authentication with post < 1024bytes

From: Greg Morse <>
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 16:20:00 -0700

Alas you are right! First and foremost when we do the "small post" method then no bytes get recorded as having been sent. Thus it thinks it needs to rewind after it sends even though it has already sent. The problems I presented are further down the line.
A reminder though, your comment for included_body_bytes is inaccurate now: size_t included_body_bytes, /* how much of the buffer contains body data (for log tracing) */
The comment should indicate that it is not for log tracing, but for important data assignment. If you do not want to change the comment, then you may want to consider fixing this in Curl_http in the code that handles the "small posts" like I did with libcurl 7.15.3.
I fixed this in libcurl 7.15.3 with the following:
File: http.c
Function: Curl_http
Insert Line: 2230 (2240 for 7.16.4)
http->writebytecount = (!conn->bits.upload_chunky ? 0 : 7) + postsize;
(http->writebytecount = included_body; for 7.16.4)
No problem as far as test server and source go. In fact I am glad to help improve libcurl and I figured someone maintaining this would rather have it straight and to the point. I tried to anticipate as much as I could to make your job easier. I am going to take down the test server tomorrow unless you still need it.
Can you inform me what build and with which fixes this bug will be fixed in?
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Received on 2007-08-01