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Re: [libCurl] _stati64 ?

From: Mark A. Roman <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 11:56:02 -0400

Hi Sana,

struct _stati64 comes from Win32 C runtime; it uses an __int64 (8 byte)
type for important members like st_size for large file support (> 2GB)
in conjunction with the __*stat64() interfaces. A recent post for a
patch of mingw demonstrates what needs to be changed in mingw if you are
using that environment to build you libcurl app. If you are using
native Win32, then that definition is in one of the Win32 header in the
Microsoft SDK; consult MSDN for that.


 From /c/mingw/include/sys/stat.h:

#if defined (__MSVCRT__)
struct _stati64 {
    _dev_t st_dev;
    _ino_t st_ino;
    unsigned short st_mode;
    short st_nlink;
    short st_uid;
    short st_gid;
    _dev_t st_rdev;
    __int64 st_size;
    time_t st_atime;
    time_t st_mtime;
    time_t st_ctime;

sana chakroun wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to know where is defined the structure
> "_stati64". there is "#define struct_stat struct
> _stati64" but the "strut _stati64" itself is not
> define!
> Help please
> Thank you
> Sana
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Received on 2007-06-25