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Re: Leak when destination not reachable

From: vikram <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 11:07:47 +0530

Hello Daneil,

I was talking about the file created using curl_memdebug("dump"); I was
not able to get that file for your reference.

I'll see if I can share my code snippets with you, but following are the
inputs for now:
- I'm using multi handle. Doing transfer using curl_multi_perform().
- If my URL is e.g. and if it is unreachable
then it leaks for curl_multi_perform(), strangely if I replace with it's ip address e.g. and
keep it unreachable then it does not leak while perform.

There might be some problems with my curl handling, but as I said I 'do
not' observe leak when either URL is reachable or if it contains IP

FYI, I'm using uClibc, let me check whether it is reproducable on Glibc
(to check whether issues with gethostbyname_r()).
I'll provide you code snippets to reproduce it.


On Fri, 2007-06-22 at 18:33 +0200, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> On Fri, 22 Jun 2007, vikram wrote:
> > I've migrated my sources to new version of curl(7.16.2).
> >
> > But I'm still observing the leak. This time I'm not able to produce the
> > leak trace file.
> What trace file? How do you observe the leak in the first place? Can you
> please provide a full example source code that repeats the leak for us?
Received on 2007-06-25