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Re: about dns resolve

From: bit bull <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 10:52:06 +0800

To Daniel:

> I was thinking about this:

   Cool~! I saw this webpage and change code to "CURL_TIMEOUT_RESOLVE
* 1000" then it works fine. I think this problem is timeout of DNS
resolve too short.

> Don't worry about your language, I think we can understand you fine! And as a
> matter of fact I do plan to visit China in October this year... :-)

    Thanks for your encourager. uhhhh~I am in Beijing, if you come
here, you can found me. Olympic Games will hold in Beijing at 2008.

BTW: I saw your homepage and more photos about your travel. Your
homepage's first page have a man, short hair and sunglasses. so
handsome! is you?

To Jeff:

> I've been seeing something like this on Linux too, with a recent CVS build.
> On a dial-up connection under extremely heavy load. When I build
> with ares, the timeout occurs almost immediately, without ares, it takes
> a few seconds but still hits a dns timeout. I haven't tried reverting
> back to an
> older version of curl yet, but the same URL's still resolve and download
> fine with wget.
> - Jeff

Is this problem?
Received on 2007-06-21