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Re: SFTP create missing directories

From: James Housley <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 08:19:42 -0400

On Jun 13, 2007, at 7:55 AM, Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> On Wed, 13 Jun 2007, James Housley wrote:
>> I have integrated this patch into the code and can commit before
>> the release if you like. I am using the patch in this file. It
>> is not the way I would like to do it, but SFTP doesn't provide the
>> capabilities to do it the way I would really like. There are
>> still improvements that can be made, but this does work.
> Fire away! ;-)

Done, now the docs need updates. docs/curl.1 is easy:

Index: curl.1
RCS file: /cvsroot/curl/curl/docs/curl.1,v
retrieving revision 1.215
diff -u -r1.215 curl.1
--- curl.1 15 May 2007 00:28:50 -0000 1.215
+++ curl.1 13 Jun 2007 12:18:59 -0000
@@ -216,7 +216,8 @@
with the -o option, nothing else. If the -o file name uses no dir or
if the
dirs it mentions already exist, no dir will be created.
-To create remote directories when using FTP, try \fI--ftp-create-dirs
+To create remote directories when using FTP or SFTP, try
.IP "--crlf"
(FTP) Convert LF to CRLF in upload. Useful for MVS (OS/390).
@@ -382,7 +383,7 @@
If this option is used twice, the second will override the previous use.
.IP "--ftp-create-dirs"
-(FTP) When an FTP URL/operation uses a path that doesn't currently
exist on
+(FTP) When an FTP or SFTP URL/operation uses a path that doesn't
currently exis
t on
the server, the standard behavior of curl is to fail. Using this
option, curl
will instead attempt to create missing directories.

It is just not so obvious how this should be mentioned in libcurl/


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