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Re: libcurl crashing on Windows

From: Yang Tse <>
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 16:49:04 +0100

2007/2/28, Jo Meder wrote:

> I've just started playing about with libcurl on Windows ( XP at this
> stage ). I've built v7.16.1 from the source using the curllib project
> included in the distro. I'm using VS 2003 ( VC 7.1 ) so the project
> had to be converted.


> I've made a few changes to the project,

Possible problems ahead ;-)

> I build
> libcurl as a static lib and use the multithreaded DLL runtimes.

Eeeeek! Please read

> I've
> found that the debug build works fine in the debug build of my app,
> but I get a consistent crash with the release build.

It could be the other way round or you could get crashes on both.

If you choose not to make use of the provided makefiles this means
that you are adventurous, knowledgeable and willing to further debug
your own configuration. No pun intended.

When you build an application with libcurl, the runtime lib setting of
your app should match with that of the previously compiled libcurl
library and any other library it is using. So its not enough that you
just change the run time lib (RTL) setting of your app. You should
also have a similar (previously compiled) libcurl library with the
same RTL setting, as well as all other libraries previously compiled
with the same RTL setting.

Previous paragraph is applicable to ANY app and library, not just
libcurl, built using MS's runtimes.

Double check all this, and report us your findings.

Received on 2007-02-28