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Re: Bypassing libcurl's handling of content-encoding and

From: Shmulik Regev <>
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2007 17:24:13 +0200

> ... if you analyze the dump2 and compare it with dump1, you'll see that
> don't contain the same info when they in fact should.

Can it be that the results you saw were actually generated from a server
response that didn't respond with chunked encoding, just like in the example
I posted? Attached are two dump files (dump1 is the output, dump2 is the
trace) that actually seem ok (or am I missing something)? I tested the patch
you've forwarded me and it behaved very nicely with other sites that return
their data chunked.


  • application/octet-stream attachment: dump2
  • application/octet-stream attachment: dump1
Received on 2007-02-07