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Re: splay trees

From: Xavier Bouchoux <>
Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 11:22:02 +0200

> > It seems the crashing scenario is that
> > req1 is launched
> > req2 is launched
> > --> at this point the splay tree only contains one entry while
> > two req are live.
> That certainly seems wrong. Can you make sure that Curl_expire() really isn't
> called at all for the req1 ?

on the contrary, I'm sure it is called as expected. sorry I was
mistleading in my comment. (and you shouldn't pay too much attention
to this scenario, as it is only my own uninformed interpretation...
Look at the curl log at the end of my previous mail for the hard

> Or am I misinterpreting your debug logs? Were they actually in cronological
> order? Did the "internal error" happen _before_ the "req1 is launched" ?

they are in chronological order. the errors happens after req1 is over.

by looking at the log, I notice one thing I forgot about, that req1
and req2 are in different multi handles, so I guess the scenario is
completely wrong, given that there are 2 different splay trees...
Received on 2006-05-30