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How to reduce the Size of libcurl?

From: John Pattenden <>
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 09:34:03 -0400

Hi there, I am new to libcurl - but I have done some extensive
searches for answers to this problem and have not managed to find one
I can use

I am on Mac OS X and the libcurl that comes along with 10.4 is 200kb,
however I cannot build one myself that is less than about 900kb, I
assume I need to do one or more of the following, turn off debug,
strip the code, not have libc included

I'm not sure how I would actually make these settings to strip the
code, or do an optimized compile is this done using ./configure? or
some other way

I sent all these flags ./configure --without-ssl --disable-debug --
disable-ftp --disable-telnet --disable-manual --disable-ipv6 --
disable-verbose --disable-cookies --disable-dict --disable-sspi

and still got a 1mb compile,

What am I missing here?

thanks for any help

John Pattenden
ScreenTime Media
Received on 2006-05-18