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Is libcurl supported on Win64 OS (using Itanium 64 processor)?

Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 05:57:54 +0100 (BST)

Hi All,
I need libcurl to be used on Itanium 64bit (IA64) machine using OS Windows 2003 SP 1.
In the curl download site I din't find any download for Win64. I downloaded the one available under win32 - MSVC title (versin is 7.15.1) and built it successfully but on running a sample application provided in the tests I find that the application runs successfully but in the event viewer I can see there is an application error and on reloging I find a error report generated with *.hdmp and *.mdmp data dumps.
I couldn't find any document which suggests libcurl is supported on Win64. Can anybody tell me is it supported? and if any one is using it?
I have used the same version which I downloaded on 32bit machine and its working fine.
One more thing is on Win64 I am using the Intel compiler and not .NET compiler.
Any help will be greately appreciated.
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Received on 2006-05-15