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Progress callback function problem with ftp

From: Gunjan Velani <>
Date: 28 Apr 2006 18:17:01 -0000

   I dont know whether to term this as a bug in libcurl or whether this is how ftp works. I tried searching for a solution for the problem on this website but found nothing so i am posting it here. Anyway the problem is given below. I've been using libcurl in my application developed using vc++ 6 to download a file via ftp. i am also using a progress bar whose value gets updated with the calback function which i specify. Everything works fine when i use that to download a 10 mb file. But if i use the same code to download a bigger file with a size of 85 megs, the progress bar goes nicely upto something like 45-50% and then falls back to zero and starts again. However the file does get downloaded and runs correctly Only issue is the progress bar getting reset after 45-50% of download. This issue does not normally occur when downloading smaller files with size about 10-15 mb. Anyone has any solutions to this rather strange problem? Thanks
Received on 2006-04-28