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Re: ebcdic and tpf patches

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 00:05:11 +0100 (CET)

On Wed, 15 Mar 2006, David McCreedy wrote:

>> (still haven't reviewed the patch, mostly responding to the questions here)
> Do you want a new patch with the changes below (once decisions are made)
> instead of reviewing the old patch?

I'd like a new one please. I read through the old one, but with the previously
discussed changes it will differ a bit.

> I'm not attached to any of the name change suggestions below, so feel free to
> suggest others.
> The old CURL_ON_EBCDIC_PLATFORM #define could become either

Either one is fine with me. We need a big comment in the source for it anyway.

> The old Curl_convert_ebcdic_to_ascii could become either
> Curl_convert_outbound or Curl_convert_to_network_encoding.
> The old Curl_convert_ascii_to_ebcdic could become either
> Curl_convert_inbound or Curl_convert_from_network_encoding.

I like the mention of 'network encoding' since it makes clear why the
conversion is made. But they're very long, perhaps they could be shortened to




> The old Curl_convert_utf8_to_ebcdic could become either
> Curl_convert_from_utf8_to_host_encoding or the vague Curl_convert_from_utf8.

I think I prefer the last one mostly since it is shorter. Also, all
"Curl_convert" functions will be about converting so it won't be _that_ vague.

> OK. I'll remove the #ifdef's so everyone goes through this code... with the
> understanding that my capability for testing on non-TPF platforms is
> limited. (That's another way to say it scares me a bit to make major changes
> for EVERYONE.)

Don't worry about that. I'll first just verify that it passes the test cases
on my local machine, and then we'll make sure it passes the autobuilds fine
and then we can be safe it at least didn't cause any disaster! ;-)

> I'll change these to curl_easy_[un]escape(CURL *handle, const char *string,
> int length)


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