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Re: "ftp method" experiments!

From: Jamie Lokier <>
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 13:28:41 +0000

Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> 1 (multicwd) - like today, curl will do a single CWD operation for each path
> part in the given URL. For deep hierarchies this means very many
> commands. This is how RFC1738 says it should be done. This is the
> default.
> 2 (nocwd) - no CWD at all is done, curl will do SIZE, RETR, STOR etc and
> give
> a full path to the server.
> 3 (singlecwd) - make one CWD with the full target directory and then operate
> on the file "normally".
> What feedback I'm interested in:
> 1 - Do they work at all? Do you find servers where one of these don't work?

Fwiw, I've encountered at least one popular FTP server where "ls
directory" (or "dir directory") didn't list anything, but "cd
directory" then "ls" did.

> 3 - Should we make libcurl able to "walk through" these options in case of
> (path related) failures, or should it fail and let the user redo any
> possible retries?

Wouldn't that be a fourth option - "auto"?

-- Jamie
Received on 2005-11-30