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Question: How to guarantee server data intact before resume download from it?

From: yu kai <>
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 00:21:03 +0800


I have some questions regarding libcurl resuming download from HTTP/FTP.
1. If there is a broken download before, and the client call libcurl to
resume download again, how can the client guarantee the server file(either
in HTTP or FTP server) is not changed (the worst case is, same filesize,
while different content), before going on resume download from the last
successful bit of local copy? What's the recommended way? Is it different
for HTTP and FTP downloading?

2. Also has the alike question on uploading, how can the client quarantee
the last successful copy in the server is intact for going on?

It will be very grateful if anybody can help me!

Thank you all!

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