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Problem with compilling libcurl in Borland c++ 5.5

From: <>
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 11:41:00 +0100

I'm new on this mailing list, and it's my first post.
First I state my configuration (I have WinXP) :
Bcc55 destination - D:\Borland\BCC55\
Curl package destination - D:\NETLIBS\CURL\ (version 7.15.0)
I've changed only one line in makefile.b32:
INCDIRS = -I.;../include
LINKLIB = D:/Borland/BCC55/lib/cw32mt.lib
My bcc32.cfg:

So, when I do (in curl\lib directory) make -f Makefile.b32
Everything is fine but at the end I get:
Could not find D:\NETLIBS\CURL\lib\libcurl.dll
Could not find D:\NETLIBS\CURL\lib\libcurl_imp.lib
And he makes: bcc32 -q -lq -laa -tWD -elibcurl.dll and all object
files... and D:\Borland\BCC55\lib\cw32mt.lib imlib libcurl_imp.lib
libcurl.dll this is end
Next I've got in CURL\lib many objects files and:
libcurl.dll, libcurl.lib, libcurl.tds and libcurl_imp.lib.
So, it lokks thet everything is OK but when I'm trying to compile
the example - simple.c >bcc32 -L D:\NETLIBS\CURL\lib\libcurl.lib
simple.c I get linker error:
Unresolved external '__beginthreadex' referenced from
That's all. I would be glad if You could help me to solve this problem.

Received on 2005-11-20