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Re: Curl Error 35: Unknown SSL protocol error

From: Peter <>
Date: Thu, 03 Nov 2005 15:10:47 +0200


Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> On Thu, 3 Nov 2005, Peter wrote:
>> However after migrating to CentOS 4.1 on a new clustered machine
mysterious error started to happen randomly:
>> Curl Error 35: Unknown SSL protocol error
> What libcurl and OpenSSL versions?

 From phpinfo(): libcurl/7.15.0 OpenSSL/0.9.7a zlib/ libidn/0.5.6

> What libcurl error message did accompany the error code?
This is all I get:

Curl Error 35: Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to

Generated from this code:

        if (curl_errno($ch)!=0){
             $this->DebugMSG.='Curl Error

> "happens around 1 time a day" you say, how big percentage is that?

less than 1%


> you be able to do some more verbose trace logging of your usage to
get more details from tha failed request? Assuming you can trick
PHP/CURL into that.

I ma not sure how to add more debugging - especially on productions
server - if I put it on th dev server it may never happen there - for
example never had such problem on Debian for example..


Received on 2005-11-03