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no response from server

From: Dennis Christopher <>
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 17:01:38 -0400

I have created a very simple Windows client based on the http-post.c
(using libcurl 7.14.0win-32).
It requests a php file on the server which replies with a few record
post fields are set to a very simple "barcode=xxxxxxx".

The issue is that for the odd barcode, I (seemingly) get no response
from the
server--curl_easy_perform just waits forever. But I have access
to the database I am querying and the record and barcode are valid.
Very similar
php is able to retrieve the record using the "bad" barcode through a
web browser.

When I turn on the verbose debugging options, the headers sent etc. in
the good
and bad case appear to be identical. The content length is identical
and the content
differs only in the 7 digit barcode number. In the good case, I receive
a server response
with appropriate headers and the data fields requested. In the bad
case, no
response at all appears in the debugging output.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Dennis Christopher
Received on 2005-09-16