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Status report: TFTP tests

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 22:38:00 +0200 (CEST)


I've just committed my initial changes that adds a TFTP server to the test

The test server is based on the netkit-tftpd code, heavily modified and
simplified to act in a similar spirit as the other test servers. If I start it
manually, I can fetch "files" (data pieces from test cases) from it and upload
files to it.

The main test script ( has been adapted to be able to run TFTP
tests (and soon TFTP-IPv6 tests) but for some reason I cannot get my first
TFTP test to work out properly.

If there's anyone who feels like testing, or possibly helping me out, the
attached test271 file can be copied to the tests/data dir and then test 271
should be possible to run (I mean, as far as I've made it run which isn't
successful yet).

I'm open for feedback.

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Received on 2005-09-15