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Re: curl_multi_fdset alternatives

From: Alexander Lazic <>
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2005 12:25:27 +0200

On Sam 10.09.2005 12:18, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
>No. If the callback gets called with CURL_POLL_IN, it means that your
>application should wait for incoming data on that socket on libcurl's
>behalf and when there is data available you call curl_multi_socket()
>CURL_POLL_OUT is then the same but for a socket that waits to become
>writable, and CURL_POLL_INOUT for a socket that wants to both read and
>But your app doesn't know how to read or write to those sockets as they
>are controlled by libcurl.

Ok i try to make a little pseudo prog:

struct apps{
  int fd;       /* the socket of the handler */
  CURL *easy_h; /* the curl easy handler */
CURLM *multi_h;
int curl_socket_callback(CURL *easy,      /* easy handle */
                         curl_socket_t s, /* socket */
                         int what,        /* Why i was called */
                         long ms,         /* timeout for wait */
                         void *userp);    /* "private" pointer */
    case CURL_POLL_IN:     do_somthing_read_*  (s,...); break;
    case CURL_POLL_OUT:    do_somthing_write_* (s,...); break;
    case CURL_POLL_INOUT:  do_somthing_both_*  (s,...); break;
    case CURL_POLL_REMOVE: do_somthing_remove_*(s,...); break;
    case CURL_POLL_NONE:
  } /* end of switch */
  retrun 0;
} /* end of callback */
do_somthing_read_*(curl_socket_t s,...){
  sockets_with_events = $CALL_LIBCALL_TO_CHECK_EVENTS_ON_FDS();
  for(i < NUMM_OF_sockets_with_events)
  /* or  what ever the user prefer */
  for(i < NUMM_OF_sockets_with_events)
} /* end do_somthing_read_* */
  struct apps my_s[N];
  my_s[0].easy_h = curl_easy_init();
  my_s[1].easy_h = curl_easy_init();
  my_s[N].easy_h = curl_easy_init();
  multi_h = curl_multi_init();
  for(i=0; i <= N; i++)
  and now the cleanups
Have you think about somthing like this?
>I do my best in trying to explain how it is planned to work.
Yes an thanx for your patience ;-)
al ;-)
Received on 2005-09-11