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Ann TclCurl 0.14.1

From: Andres Garcia <>
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 02:00:27 +0200


I have released the newest TclCurl for libcurl 7.14.1, the main changes
since the last version are:

    * New configure options:

        * ingnorecontentlength: Ignore the Content-Length header. This is
          useful for Apache 1.x (and similar servers) which will report
          incorrect content length for files over 2 gigabytes.

        * cookielist: Pass a string with a cookie. The cookie can be
          either in Netscape / Mozilla format or just regular HTTP-style
          header (Set-Cookie: ...) format.

          '$curlHandle getinfo cookielist' will return a list of all
          cookies TclCurl knows (expired ones, too).

        * When posting data, you can use the new 'filecontent' option to
          read a file and use its contents as data.

    * Bug fix: The code to post data was filled with memory leaks, I hope
      I have fixed them all.

For more information, please visit:

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Received on 2005-09-05