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Re: Re[2]: curl giving unhandled exception [was Re: unresolved symbolin 7.14.0]

From: JB <>
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 14:21:34 -0600

> > The call to free in destroy_thread_sync_data is on line 183 of
> > and call to destroy_thread_sync_data in gethostbyname_thread is on line
> > of hostthre.c
> > Is the DNS lookup failing and that is what is causing it?
> Are you sure you are using _Multi-Threaded CRT library_ and you are
> not _mixing different CRT libraries_ between libcurl and your program ?

    Thanks for responding. /MDd is specified which is the debug version of
run time libs with multithreaded support. I don't really mind *not* using
multithreading in libcurl at this point if that is an option to help
simplify things. Right now it is OK if the app sits for a bit on a timeout
because it is not being performed in a UI and it is not a time-critical

How do I tell which crt's libcurl is using? I used to get a linker warning
about multiple MSVCRT or something like that telling me to try
/NODEFAULTLIBS which was a big mistake. However, since I started using
libcurld.lib instead of libcurl that went away but I still have the same
Received on 2005-09-01