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Re: curl giving unhandled exception [was Re: unresolved symbol in 7.14.0]

From: JB <>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 20:57:35 -0600

> On Wed, 31 Aug 2005, JB wrote:
> > tried with curl_global_init both uncommented and commented as it isn't
> > from the docs if curl_easy_init calls it for you
> In the man page for curl_global_init it says:
> If this function hasn't been invoked when curl_easy_init(3) is called,
> will be done automatically by libcurl.
> In my eyes this is pretty clear, but please let me know how I can rephrase
> this to be clearer!

Fair enough, my apologies...I had read the tutorial, and some other misc
howtos. I had not read the man page for that function. I will be more
thorough next time.

> > When I run the above, I get an unhandled exception after attempting to
> > mem on the heap. The call stack looks like:
> > msvcr71d.dll!_CrtIsValidHeapPointer(const void * pUserData=0x015d4d40)
> > Line 1807 C
> > msvcr71d.dll!_free_dbg_lk(void * pUserData=0x015d4d40, int nBlockUse=1)
> > Line 1132 + 0x9 C
> > msvcr71d.dll!_free_dbg(void * pUserData=0x015d4d40, int nBlockUse=1)
> > 1070 + 0xd C
> > msvcr71d.dll!free(void * pUserData=0x015d4d40) Line 1025 + 0xb C
> > client.exe!_Curl_destroy_thread_data() + 0x13 C
> I've not seen this before.
> Can you figure out more specificly what line number in the source that
> "client.exe!_Curl_destroy_thread_data() + 0x13 C" means?

How can I get vc++ to reference the line number in the curl source when
compiling my app? Is it as simple as compiling in the curl debug symbols
when building the lib?

> Does it happen every time?

Yep, every single time. At first I was thinking it was because it is an MFC
app and stdout might not be bound to anything (never tried to write to
stdout from an MFC app) so I tried setting up the write_data function as in
the tutorial as a static function within the class but the behavior did not
change at all.

> Can you try the most recent daily snapshot version and see if it works?

sure...I will let you know if that does it as well. I might even be able to
assist in the debug if I can figure out how to make vc++ reference the
libcurl source during debug from within my project. Thanks,

Received on 2005-09-01