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Re: Running tests in Windows

From: Andres Garcia <>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 14:49:03 +0200


> Can you see if the attached patch makes test case 31 run fine? It adds a
> 'mode=text' attribute that makes the test script replace CRLF with plain LF
> before the file comparison - when running on Windows.

The patch doesn't quite work, because 'filemode' is empty, I did:

my %hash = getpartattr("verify", "file");
print %hash;

And the content of hash is: 'namelog/jar31.txt', so the script gets
the filename out of the hash but not the mode.

Also in the Perl version I have, $^O returns 'msys', maybe we
should include both values in case someone wants to run the
tests with another version of Perl.

Apart from that, when I remove the conditional, the test works.

Received on 2005-04-28