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BUG? - Interruption by firewall causes GPF using WIN32 Libcurl

From: James C <>
Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2005 22:04:57 -0800 (PST)

Bug Report - Using Libcurl v7.13.1 WIN32

Invalid function pointer - Backtrace:

WS2_32.DLL> several
LIBCURL.DLL> _Curl_getaddrinfo (hostthre.c) 1000d6ae
(offset 8BE)
; 205 : he = gethostbyname (conn->async.hostname);
LIBCURL.DLL> __beginthreadex 1002d943

You may be able to reproduce this fault or similar by
performing the following steps:

1. Launch ZoneAlarm firewall.
2. Have a program call curl_global_init, initializing
for WIN32.
3. Make the program initialize one easy and one multi
4. Add the easy handle to the multi stack with
5. Call curl_multi_perform on the multi stack a few
times. A ZoneAlarm security dialog should open.
6. Have the program call curl_multi_remove_handle and
curl_easy_cleanup to destroy the easy handle.
7. At this point, click Allow on the ZoneAlarm
security dialog.

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Received on 2005-04-03