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Re: adding some clean targets

From: Guenter Knauf <>
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 18:24:59 +0200

> On Jun 22, 16:14, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
>>> - cd src & make -f Makefile.m32 ZLIB=1
>>> + make -C src -f Makefile.m32 ZLIB=1
>>The -C option is a GNUism I'm not convinced everyone will like. I prefer
>>more conservative 'cd [path] && make' as it works with other makes too.

> Shouldn't it anyway also be $(MAKE) instead of hard-coded 'make'?
> At least for Unix platforms $(MAKE) is the Only Way (TM), not sure
> about how that works though on mingw etc.
I've tested that it works fine with MingW32 (without Msys);
and I guess all platform builds using GNU make can do this;
according to the make docs the $(MAKE) should be preferred, correct - I should change that in my patch...

Received on 2004-06-22