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About FTP authentication

From: Daniel Campos <>
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 14:19:01 +0200


 Currently I'm writting a network component for Gambas ( ), which has two parts:

- The low level part (TCP/UDP) is managed directly using
glibc functions.

- The "high level" part (HTTP, FTP) is manged using libcurl, and its
'multi' interface.

At this moment, there's a functional 'HttpClient' class, and now
I'm working to write the 'FtpClient' class. Gambas tries to be
as simple as possible for begginers, so I'm writting that "abstract"
classes instead of a simple 'Curl' class due to this reason.

Well, I know enough about of HTTP, but I have some (basic, I suppose)
questions about FTP that I would like to clear so I can write a
proper interface for 'FtpClient' class:

1) Authentication: curl, working with HTTP, supports plain, NTLM, etc
authentication methods. These methods apply also for FTP? I've made
some tests and curl seems to simply send user name and password even
if I change authentication option (except for AUTH_NONE, in that case
seems to send simply 'anonymous', is this true?)

2) Proxies : As I've read in the curl docs, it seems that proxies are
always working using HTTP protocol (except SOCKS), I think FTP through
Proxy is encapsulated in HTTP, is this true?

Thanks for your replies,

Daniel Campos

Daniel Campos <>
Received on 2004-06-12