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Re: elusive cache bug

From: Giuseppe Attardi <>
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2003 11:23:16 +0100

Another memory bug detected by valgrind:

==15419== Invalid read of size 4
==15419== at 0x81339CF: Curl_do (url.c:3318)
==15419== by 0x812D91F: curl_multi_perform (multi.c:423)
==15419== by 0x806F50D: Retrieve(void) (crawlNT.cpp:892)
==15419== by 0x807033D: main (crawlNT.cpp:1038)
==15419== Address 0x49995F60 is 796 bytes inside a block of size 1648
==15419== at 0x40027DAB: free (vg_replace_malloc.c:231)
==15419== by 0x813174D: Curl_disconnect (url.c:1340)
==15419== by 0x81338FC: Curl_done (url.c:3255)
==15419== by 0x8133982: Curl_do (url.c:3292)

One problem seems due to Curl_do() in url.c.
After Curl_done(), the old conn has been freed, so it should
no longer be used. Curl_connect() creates a new one in *connp.
Below I have added the assignement conn = *connp:

      if(CURLE_OK == result) {
        bool async;
        /* Now, redo the connect and get a new connection */
        result = Curl_connect(data, connp, &async);
+ conn = *connp; /* it is a new connection */
        if(CURLE_OK == result) {
          /* We have connected or sent away a name resolve query fine */

          if(async) {
            /* Now, if async is TRUE here, we need to wait for the name
               to resolve */
            result = Curl_wait_for_resolv(conn, NULL);
              return result;

            /* Resolved, continue with the connection */
            result = Curl_async_resolved(conn);
              return result; /* failed */

However this still does not explain how the freed connection
survives and gets used again in curl_multi_perform().

-- Beppe

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Received on 2003-12-14