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Libcurl binaries for msvc 6

From: Adrian Michel <>
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 20:14:56 -0800


I am new to the list and I apologize if I am repeating a topic that has been
discussed already - I looked in the archives and on the web but could not
find the answer.

Are the libcurl binaries with SSL support for MSVC 6 available anywhere for
download. I am talking about the dll, lib and whatever other files are
needed to succesfully build and run an app with MSVC, and which use openssl
for ssl support.

I tried really hard to build all these files but with no success.

I was able to use the executable (curl.exe) in my app, but in a convoluted
and unreliable way - I create a curl process, and a pipe to get the output
from the process. The problem is that sometimes the process doesn't die when
it should, and this method is also quite slow - every request involves
creating a new process.

Any help will be greately appreciated.



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Received on 2003-12-14