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Re: Strange intermittent problems with libcurl. A new problem with 7.20.8 only

From: Andreas Falco <>
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2003 12:38:14 -0800

>Didn't you get error 56 before as well when this problem occurred?
>If you need to send a trailing zero byte, then it makes sense. Otherwise I
>don't think it does.

Error 56 is the same error I got before this correction. But I was wrong to
send the ending 0 byte. Although it seemed to solve my problem of error 56,
but after that "correction" the data sent to the server through the proxy
was never accepted. The real solution was to delete the line completely :)
My program is now working through the proxy with 7.10.7.

> > But a new problem aroses with ver. 7.10.8. It does not post my data!
>I've already corrected a bug in 7.10.8 that concerns POSTs over proxies
>using basic auth. If you get a recent daily tarball, I'm pretty confident
>you won't experience this problem anymore.
Thank you! I will try it although at the moment I am quite happy with


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Received on 2003-12-03