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Re: libcurl problem

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 06:23:42 +0100 (CET)

On Wed, 29 Jan 2003, Kamieniecki, Darcy wrote:

> I am having troubles using java and libcurl v7.9.5 to get a web page for me.

I advice you to upgrade libcurl to a more recent version.

> I can successfully connect to my remote site and download the info.csv page
> using the following curl command line:
> curl -s --cert pemfile.pem -d user=<user>
> -d pswd=<password> -d login=Submit

So why is your java code not doing it this way? You say it fails to pass on
cookies, but this command line version doesn't use cookies at all!?

> For whatever reason, it doesn't look like the session id generated by the
> first page request is used by the second page request. If I manually set
> the session id, it works fine.

The "session id" being a cookie, can you see that it is stored in the cookie
file properly after the whole operation?

Can you see it being sent and received by curl in the first response?

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Received on 2003-01-30