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Problem with a chunked request

From: Brad Settlemyer <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 15:57:50 -0500


  I'm still having problems with the http server that I mentioned in an
earlier problem, and I'm not exactly certain why lib curl is unhappy with
the HTTP response. I've checked the size of the individual data chunks, and
they seem accurate. The only possibly/obviously bad thing about the request
is that its terminating chunk has 2 consecutive CRLFs after the terminating
0. However, curl from the commad line doesn't seem to have any problems
with the request, only lib curl. Lib curl is reporting error code 23 which
doesn't seem to be documented on this page:

Normally, I would ignore this error and continue on, but the response is
being truncated by lib curl (but not by curl!?!?), so I need to figure out
how to fix this.

My vendor is telling me their server is good -- but I still trust Curl more
than their server, could someone please help me understand what may be
happening. (I have the raw payload in a file, but most lists I'm on frown
on attachments, so if someone would like it, I can mail it directly (its 200
k, not big, but still)

Thanks for any assistance,

Brad Settlemyer / Software Developer
Stronghold Technologies
46040 Center Oak Plaza, Ste 160 / Sterling, VA
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Received on 2003-01-29