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Re[2]: New pre-compiled version of Curl-easy-1.35 including libcurl.dll compiled with SSL support for Win32 (Windows) -- HOWTO?

From: Chris Drake <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 13:19:39 +1100


Umm, I'm really horribly busy, so how about this compromise: when the
next release comes out, let me know (and preferably point me in the
direction of the source downloads for all the components) and I'll do
it properly for y'all.

I didn't take notes yesterday, and I did download at least 4 different
SSL bundles, and I copied stuff all over the place, modified makefiles
and compile options, and generally invoked mayhem...

The good news is that in a past job I happened to do software porting
on all kinds of platforms, so I do have the ability to do it properly
next time :-)

Kind Regards,
Chris Drake,

Wednesday, January 29, 2003, 12:26:55 PM, you wrote:

CB> On Wed, 29 Jan 2003 07:18 am, Bryan J. Smith wrote:
>> Quoting Chris Drake <>:

>> > It's taken me all day, but I finally managed to get what appears to be
>> > the correct version of everything assembled and compiled, and I've now
>> > got my first perl program happily grabbing SSL web pages via
>> > Curl-easy!

>> Thanx for all your hard work.
>> With that said, do you think you could produce a HOWTO so we all won't come
>> bugging you after the next EasyCurl/libcurl release? ;-ppp

CB> "'Me too!"

CB> All changes to Curl::easy which assist building on other platforms are
CB> welcome. I'm happy to fold these into the code where possible, or provide a
CB> 'README.W32' or whatever in the distro for any hints/tips or other advice.

CB> Cris
CB> (current perl Curl::easy maintainer)

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