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lib curl nocopy callbacks

From: Laurent Corbes {Caf'} <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 14:13:07 +0100

hello guys

i'm begining to write a nocopy callback interface for C libcurl.

it use this interface

  /* Callback used when curl need to write internal datas, This callback
is usefull for non-copy data, the client provide its owmn buffers
  typedef int (*curl_buff_alloc_callback)(void **buffer,
                            int minsize,
                            void *stream);

void **buffer the buffer the client wants
minsize the minimum size that curl wants (for the moment its BUFSIZE
void *stream writing or reading. data->set.out, .in

the goal is that when the user use the write_callback the return buffer
is the same that the one provide by alloc_callback

it works well for the body of an html request but the headers have a
proper traitment, lib return headers line by line :/ so it make
different buffer for this.

a quick working possobility is in case of alloc_callback send headers in
raw like body, It's the use who does it's own traitment and it prevent

or greater one will be to use the alloc_callback to alloc returned
lines, it will be great but i don't know if this can cause problems and
it will be longer to implement.

so if you have propositions and preferences tell me.
i can post a patch of current work if needed (thereis only the interface
in curl*.h, and a call to the callback in transfer.c Curl_readwrite.

 Cycom, Epidemic
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Received on 2003-01-15