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Re: share implementation

From: Sterling Hughes <>
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2003 23:34:17 -0500

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> I saw in the sharing documentation text (
> this text:
> * libcurl guarantees to never lock more than one mutex at any single moment,
> * from within the same thread.
> and for respecting this sentence there is this code in the
> Curl_share_acquire_lock function :
> - ----------------------
> if (CURL_SHARE_IS_LOCKED (share, type)) {
> return SHARE_ERROR_OK;
> }
> share->lockfunc (handle, type, share->clientdata);
> CURL_SHARE_SET_LOCKED (share, type);
> - --------------------
> CURL_SHARE_IS_LOCKED is a define:
> #define CURL_SHARE_IS_LOCKED(__share, __type) ((__share)->locked & (__type))
> but if I'm not mistaken this thing remove all the locking advantage we are
> trying to get. The __share->locked variable is not protected by a mutex, so
> between the moment the locked variable was tested and when the moment we
> change his value, an another thread may change his value and lock it at the
> same time that we do it.
> In the perspective we are giving an API to permit the user to make libcurl
> thread-safe, it's not our job to verify that the lock is already locked, but
> the job of the user that suply a mutex mechanism.
> Anyway when we check if the lock is already locked, our system to check if the
> lock is locked is not thread-safe, something that we don't want to.
> I suggest that sentence (the sentence that we are allways sure to not lock 2
> times the same lock) is putted away from the implementation, and that we let
> this thing to the user that want to use his mutex system.
> (sometimes I will need some english syntax courses...)

You misunderstand this safety, its simply there to allow code like ::



Curl_share_unlock() /* not previously locked */

Too not do anything harmful. Its not designed for the purposes described in
your mail (which shouldn't be much of a problem anyway.)


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