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CURLINFO_TOTAL_TIME returning only integers

From: Steve McLaughlin <>
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 21:43:09 -0500

I am having a problem getting a floating-point CURLINFO_TOTAL_TIME back
after a curl action.

This code works fine on my old development machine (Pentium 200 MMX), and
does return good times with data to the right of the decimal place. However,
on my production server with twin PIII 667 MHz, it only returns integers,
usually 0, but sometimes 1 or other integers.

I cannot figure out why this is. Any help would be appreciated!

Here is the C code snippet:


double loadtime;

// Get the total time taken
curl_easy_getinfo(curl, CURLINFO_TOTAL_TIME, &loadtime);
printf("loading %s took %f\n", fullurl, loadtime);



Received on 2002-01-19