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problem with persistent server side connections

From: Pete Su <>
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2002 08:58:20 -0800 (PST)

I'm using libcurl to talk to a webdav server and I have the following vexing

If the webdav server is configured to not use persistent connections,
everything works fine. The server sends

Connection: close

with each response and curl and everyone is happy.

But, if persistent connections are enabled,and I send certain Webdav requests
that result in a body-less response (like PUT, DELETE, etc), the server will
send back something like

204 No Content

and at this point libcurl just hangs waiting for more data.

I'm using libcurl 7.8, but I tried my code against 7.9.2 and got the same
behavior. I'll try again to be sure.


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Received on 2002-01-04