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[ANN] CURLHandle 1.2 now available

From: Dan Wood <>
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2001 14:07:15 -0800

I've just made available the latest version, 1.2, of CURLHandle,
at its home, <>.

CURLHandle is a wrapper around a Daniel Steinberg's CURL
library, providing URL access for Mac OS X applications in Cocoa
that need a bit more sophistication than what is provided for
you in NSURLHandle. With CURLHandle, for instance, you can do
POST and handle proxy servers, which you can't do in NSURLHandle.

CURLHandle is the HTTP access mechanism in my "Watson" program, BTW.

This is in the public domain, but please report any improvements
back to me. Be sure to be familiar with CURL and how it works;

What's new in version 1.2:

• setProgressIndicator: to allow for indeterminate progress
indicators in foreground loading. See the tester application for
how to do a progress indicator from a background load.
• Support for proxy settings from System Preferences, and
authenticated proxy support as well.
• curlHello now takes signature of app as parameter
• setHTTPHeaders for setting custom HTTP request headers
• setProxyUserIDAndPassword for proxy servers
•  New method for formatting a dictionary as an HTTP get/post
request in a particular order or parameters
• Rudimentary support for ftp:// URLs
• Fixed a couple of crashing bugs, one where the data was
strangely being released prematurely, another where the
background thread would try to send a message to the foreground
thread after it had been dealloc'd.
•  Updated bundled libcurl to be in sync with curl 7.9.2.

Note: Support for Mac OS X 10.0.x will be going away soon,
unless I hear any major objections.


Dan Wood
Watson for Mac OS X:
Received on 2001-12-29