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Re: using libcurl in Java???

From: <>
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001 11:42:38 -0400

Unfortunately, I have to show my newbie colors again. I did check the cURL
site and downloaded the version 0.1 of the java curl code before asking the
original question. However, I found the following directions a little
difficult to follow ;-)
| How to Install |
| Install curl and libcurl first. Manual hands-on installation is |
| required for the actual java interface module. |

What exactly do I need to do for this manual hands-on installation? I was
able to compile and into class files but when
I try to compile the file I get the following errors:

C:\java\javacurl\ '.' expected
import CurlGlue;
C:\java\javacurl\ '.' expected
import CurlWrite;
2 errors

Tool completed with exit code 1

which seems odd because I have CurlGule.class and CurlWrite.class in the
same directory. Sorry for being so clueless here, but I would love a
little kickstart help in getting this working so I don't have to open a
shell to make a call to the command line version (which is working
perfectly, thank you very much!).

Thanks for your help,

            Daniel Stenberg <>
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On Tue, 18 Sep 2001 wrote:

> Has anyone been able to successfully use libcurl in a Java program

I have.

> and if so is there any way I can see an example of how this is done???

> I'm having a hard time doing what I need to do (post form data using
> HTTPS protocol, passing in cookies for authentication and then parsing
> the response) with the API's. I have no problem doing this
> using the command line curl utility but have no clue how to incorporate
> this functionality into a Java class using libcurl. Help?

The java interface is still very basic and doesn't offer much but the most
basic functionality. I would of course appreciate all contributions that
improves it.

    Daniel Stenberg -- curl groks URLs --
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