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Re: the first basic OO perl interface

From: Cris Bailiff <>
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001 09:06:35 +1000

Here's the naming discussion from perlmodlib:

  Select a name for the module.
           This name should be as descriptive, accurate, and
           complete as possible. Avoid any risk of ambiguity.
           Always try to use two or more whole words. Generally
           the name should reflect what is special about what the
           module does rather than how it does it. Please use
           nested module names to group informally or categorize
           a module. There should be a very good reason for a
           module not to have a nested name. Module names should
           begin with a capital letter.

           If you are developing a suite of related
           modules/classes it's good practice to use nested
           classes with a common prefix as this will avoid
           namespace clashes. For example: Xyz::Control,
           Xyz::View, Xyz::Model etc. Use the modules in this
           list as a naming guide.


Received on 2001-09-22